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"Bulgaria supports the Green Deal's goals and strategic documents stemming from it, but in the short- and mid-term these goals must be carefully considered in view of guaranteeing enough food at affordable prices for all EU citizens," noted the Minister of Agriculture. Mr. Ivan Ivanov during the meeting of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council in Luxembourg.

Minister Ivanov expressed support for the common document, presented by Croatia, which concerns an extraordinary measure for support under the European agricultural fund for rural development (EAFRD). He noted the urgent need for providing emergency temporary support under the EAFRD. "Bulgarian farmers are in a difficult situation and we're looking for appropriate solutions," Ivanov said.

Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski acknowledged the broad support given from other countries for the declaration of the 13 Member States on the EAFRD emergency support measure at the meeting and said he would present the proposal to the College of Commissioners. Commissioner Wojciechowski emphasized that he would take this request very seriously.

"The Republic of Bulgaria welcomes the Communication of the Commission and the expressed solidarity with Ukraine for the provision of food aid, humanitarian aid and support to its agricultural and fisheries sectors," added Dr. Ivan Ivanov.

"We support the initiative of the European Commission to introduce measures to mitigate the risks of food shortages due to disruptions of the international and European supply chains and the systemic risks related to the Ukraine crisis. It is important to coordinate the necessary measures by the Member States in order to improve trade flows and the supply of goods and food, “added further the Minister of Agriculture. He also noted that the cost of raw materials in most sectors has risen to unbearable levels so far and the normal products market could not be secured and that actual losses are only partially offset by the proposed measures.

"We believe that the cost and availability of mineral fertilizers should continue to be a priority until the transition to the use of sustainable fertilizers or fertilization methods. Every effort is needed to control and monitor the prices and supplies of fertilizers to farmers in order to protect production and meet EU demand," the minister explained.

At the meeting, Minister Ivanov reminded of the document, supported by a significant number of Member States, to strengthen Europe's production potential for plant protein in line with the objectives of the European Green Pact and as a step towards greater European food sovereignty in the field of plant proteins.

"We believe that in this difficult situation, the efforts of the EC and the Member States must be focused on ensuring food security and providing basic food products to all citizens at affordable prices," said Minister Ivanov.

He added that in the initial stage of the implementation of the CAP Strategic Plan, prioritization of investments that reduce dependence on gas, fuel and raw materials such as pesticides, fertilizers, investment in precision agriculture, reduction of dependence on synthetic fertilizers and support for carbon farming would have been difficult to be made compatible with maintaining competitiveness and better incomes for farmers.


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