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"With regard to low-carbon agriculture, it is necessary to maintain the competitiveness of farmers and food security and provide sufficient compensation for farmers for the additional efforts they must make to reduce greenhouse emissions towards achieving the ambitious targets set by the EC.” This was what stated the Minister of Agriculture Dr. Ivan Ivanov during the informal meeting of the EU Ministers of Agriculture of the member states in Strasbourg, also attended by Deputy Minister Stefan Burdzhev.

During the meeting, Minister Ivanov pointed out that the country's favorable practices for reducing emissions and storing carbon are maintaining vegetation during the most sensitive periods in the autumn-winter period, growing nitrogen-fixing crops, applying appropriate crop rotations and adding biodegradable biomass to the soil.

The draft Strategic Plan of Bulgaria provides opportunities to support ten voluntary schemes for climate, environment and animal welfare, such as extensive maintenance of permanent grassland, conservation and restoration of soil potential, as well as maintenance and improvement of biodiversity in forest ecosystems ”, added Dr. Ivanov.

n his speech, the Minister of Agriculture explained that there should be a good preliminary applicability assessment of appropriate practices and they should be precisely defined in order to ensure the success of measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or carbon sequestration, as well to ensure good awareness of farmers.

"The application of each practice is possible on the basis of targeted investments at the farm level, related to the production processes modernization and implementation of environmentally friendly solutions, which should be financially supported in an adequate way," added Minister Ivanov.

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