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“The Ministry of Agriculture and Food will continue to prioritize projects for cooperation between scientific units and business, with the aim of implementing innovative solutions in practice during the new program period until 2027,” said the Minister of Agriculture and Food, Dr. Georgi Tahov, who opened forum on the topic: "Sustainable agro-food system - a national priority for the food independence of Bulgaria". The main objective of the event is to set a new beginning for uniting the scientific potential inside and outside the country, so that Bulgaria can meet the challenges related to the ambitious goals of the European policy for a sustainable ecological transition, focused on food security, public health and the protection of the natural environment.

Minister Tahov commented that the path to a sustainable and independent future for Bulgarian agriculture and the food industry is important to start a broader public discussion about the country's food independence.

In his words, it is very important for scientists, agricultural producers, processors, and consumers to work together to guarantee food security. "A possibility for all of that lies in the introduction and application of agritech solutions," he argued.

According to Tahov, for Bulgaria to meet the challenges related to the EU's Green Deal, which is for a sustainable and ecological transition, the goals of the From the Farm to the Table strategy should focus on food security, public health, and environmental protection. "It is a serious challenge facing us to promote the relation between the systems for scientific research and to speed up the transfer of knowledge and innovation to the agritech business," he said. The Minister of Agriculture and Food will support such initiatives, he added.

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