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The Government is working towards the creation of a law regulating the commerce with agricultural goods. This is what the Minister of Agriculture and Food Kiril Vatev announced, who opened the 18th National Convention for the Conservation of Indigenous Bulgarian Agricultural Breeds in Kalofer Town, Panitsite Area. It is necessary to create the rules needed, under whereof the market will function, and then it will be regulated on the basis of offer and search, clarified Minister Vatev.

He stated before the participants in the Convention that, Bulgaria is a country that is exceptionally rich in bio diversity and that part of that diversity are the traditional Bulgarian animal breeds. “We have a task to complete, and that can be done by means of unity only. We need to increase the productivity of the Bulgarian breeds. Since abroad competition is fierce, and the market is open “, the Minister said. In a competitive environment, the most important thing to do is gain the trust of the consumers, and trust is gained through exceptionally fair attitude towards products that are placed on the table.

In relation to a request for a Bulgarian Product Label to be implemented, Minister Vatev pointed out that, very serious marketing will be necessary in relation thereto. Everything in such a product must be of Bulgarian origin, except specific spices or packing that are not produced in our country. Minister Vatev added that, uncompromising control would be needed, as well as self-control between competitors in order to avoid compromising of the trademark.

Unity of farmers in cooperatives is another task for the Sector, we rely on you, that if we unite together, this can be done, in order for the farmers to participate in the fair distribution of the added value, Minister Vatev stated.

The 18th National Convention for the Conservation of Indigenous Bulgarian Agricultural Breeds in Kalofer is carried out under the patronage of the Minister of Agriculture and Food, and its motto is Preserving Bulgarian Agriculture Together. The Ministry of Agriculture and Food supports the organisation thereof under the Scheme for State Aid for Participation in Fairs.

The Mayor of Kalofer, Rumen Stoyanov and Eng. Georgi Yordanov, the CEO of the Selection and Reproduction in Animal Breeding Executive Agency attended the event. There was presentation of the features of the local breeds during the Convention, e.g., the Bulgarian Grey Cattle, Bulgarian Brown Cattle, Karakachan Horse, Kalofer Long-Haired Goat, Central Balkan Mountain Sheep, Dabenska Sheep and Karakachan Sheep, as well as the Bulgarian Shepherd Dog. Minister Vatev awarded the animal breeders, who exhibited their flocks with Certificates and Cups.

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