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The role of agriculture as an important economic, social and political factor in the field of food security is huge and it continues to grow, said Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Georgi Sabev during the Seventh International Conference “Peace Bread in cities and the rural areas – for a better understanding in Europe ". This year's edition of the forum took place online.

The event is a part of the Peace Bread project, in which a total of 12 European Union member states are participants. Our country joined the initiative in 2013 through the National Association of Grain Producers.

“We need resources and flexible tools to support farmers, who form the base of it, to ensure the sustainability of the food supply chain," said Georgi Sabev. He added that this was one of the sectors facing the global challenges, related to climate change, resource scarcity and population growth.

"The European Green Deal, through the goals set in the Common Agricultural Policy and the Strategic Plans of each Member State, is one of the mechanisms to propose tools to support the fight against climate change, environmental protection and biodiversity conservation. We cannot achieve environmental sustainability without economic stability of agriculture and higher competitiveness of farms, "said Georgi Sabev. According to the Deputy Minister of Agriculture, knowledge, innovation and technology would be crucial to ensuring a sustainable future.

"With the Peace Bread project, we show the face of a united Europe, in which, figuratively speaking, even rye seeds" travel "freely to any point in European countries. This symbolism embodies the path to achieving our common goals and solving today's challenges, "he added in conclusion.

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