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At a meeting of the EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council in Brussels, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Dessislava Taneva presented a declaration by Bulgaria, in which our country is calling on for the inclusion of the implementing the Transitional National Aid in the regulation on transitional rules of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).The same should continue to apply until the adoption of the rules of the new CAP.The document is supported by Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Romania.Minister Taneva explained that national aid would contribute to ensuring security and continuity in providing support to farmers.She stressed that financial levels should not be lower than those for 2020. "Given the current state of the CAP reform negotiations, we consider it fully justified to apply a transitional period of at least one year before proceeding with the reformed policy", Minister Taneva pointed out.One of the arguments she presented was that the suspension of the Transitional National Aid would lead to a sudden and significant reduction in the incomes of the farmers concerned.This would jeopardize the job creation and rural development.

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