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“Bulgaria is working hard to draw up the Law of Professional Organizations and for this reason the experience of France in this sphere is valuable for us”, announced Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Yavor Getchev at a meeting with Mr.Christian Pees - Vice President of Copa Cogega  and Mr. Philip Mangen - President of the National Federation of Cooperatives in France " Coop de France ." The meeting was held at the International Salon of Agriculture SIA 2014 in Paris.


"Through the new RDP  we envisage  measures to stimulate farmers to associate and thus to achieve higher competitiveness , " said Deputy Minister Getchev .


Mr. Christian Pees added that France is ready to provide its expertise on legislative , technical and expert level. He stressed the need for professional dialogue at European level and expressed its readiness to fully support collaboration in presenting the Bulgarian branch organizations in the European association.


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