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The access for agricultural producers to the 11 farm plots from the 3-km zone affected by the blasts of the warehouse ‘Bereta trading’ has been authorised said today to farmers the Minister of Agriculture and Food, Dr. Miroslav Naydenov in the village of Lozenets. From today as well begin the inspections from employees of the municipal departments of Agriculture and the State Fund "Agriculture". They will compile reports on the percentage of production destroyed.

Disagreement from the farmers’ side can be expressed on the spot while the checks are taking place, or if necessary, complaints can be forwarded to independent evaluators. People will be assessed at 100% of their losses and compensations shall be provided by ‘Bereta trading’.

"3000 acres of the area has already been cleaned, but no one can assure this on 100%," said the minister. Therefore, if anyone is in doubt they should address the military, which could inspect the area again before them, because after all the safety of people is the most important, added Naydenov. Priority in the clensing procedures had been given to the crops such as barley and wheat due to the current harvest season.
Each week the information for the plots with permitted access will be updated and it will be submitted weekly to the mayor of the region, said the governor of Yambol, Dimitar Ivanov.
The deputy commander of ground forces, Brigadier General Neiko Nenov, also attended this meeting.

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