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Another 17 projects were awarded financing under the Rural Development Programme to the tune of BGN 6 109 563.


The projects will be funded under Measure 121 Modernisation of Agriculture Holdings, Measure 311 Diversification To Non-Agricultural Activities, and Measure 312 Support For The Creation And Development Of Micro Enterprises.


A portion of the financing has been slated for the construction of guest houses in 5 districts including Vratsa, Blagoevgrad, Plovdiv, Lovech and Bourgas. In a second project, a ground floor will be converted into a sports and recreation centre, whereas fitness and sports equipment, ATVs and an off-road passenger vehicle will be purchased by another approved candidate. A subsidy will be extended under Measure 312 for the building of a recreational facility in the town of Blagoevgrad. A photovoltaic power plant will be constructed in Haskovo region under the same Measure.


A total BGN 4 247 280 will be divvied up between ten projects under Measure 121. They include the construction of seven plant growing farms; developing an organic apple orchard and a fruit warehouse in Plovdiv region; the purchase of organic grain and fodder processing equipment in Sofia; planting table grape vines and purchase of equipment in Haskovo. Other projects involve the upgrade of three cattle farms, a building renovation and the construction of a fertilizer warehouse and purchase of special equipment to meet the requirements of the Nitrates Directive.

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