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The most important thing for milk branch during the new Common Agricultural Policy is competitiveness of the growers and manufacturers. Deputy minister of agriculture and food Dr. Cvetan Dimitrov say that at time of conference about the problems of milk branch at Inter Expo Centre, Sofia. He also said there are many challenges for this branch as the extra time to reorganize the milk farms expire in 2013, also for the challenges with the “ linework” grower- manufacturer - tradesman. Deputy minister Dimitrov express his expectations that till next year will be bring into use whiter way to form prices. According to him Ministry of agriculture and food and the branch should manage the challenges together.


Other important things included in Common Agricultural Policy are the innovations, as for new products as well for new technology to limit the consumption of power supplies. Deputy minister Dimitrov say that if the branch left with the same productive technology, with this growth of power supplies will make the milk products not competitivensess.


He inform that owing to promotional programmes and  Bulgarian Association of Daily Processors  our milk gain access to more and more countries.

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