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Bulgaria requested to be included in the drafting of a Regulation of the European Commission for providing the opportunity particular European Union Member States to pay an increased amount of cash advances under direct payment schemes and several rural development measures for 2019.

The project is being drafted in accordance with requests by Member States where there are hard climate conditions affecting the agricultural activity.

The idea is the state to be able to make cash advances after the 16th of October of the year of request. The payments will be part of only the aid schemes for which the Payment Agency has concluded all inspections.

This was discussed during a session of the Mixed Committee for Direct Payments and Rural Development with the European Commission, which took place in Brussels, on the 28th of August, as the EU Member States unanimously supported the project.

After taking the vote within the framework of the Mixed Committee for Direct Payments and Rural Development, the Regulation’s draft must go through the internal approval procedures within the European Commission and shall enter into force after its publication in the Official Journal of the European Commission.

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