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In relation to the need of drafting a single up-to-date national register of all food establishments under the control of the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency, start inspections and re-registration of the establishments under the Food Law on forms of the agency, including:

  • Establishments for production and wholesale of food of non-animal origin;
  • Establishments for retail sale of food with the exception of retail sale establishments, which offer only food of animal origin;
  • Catering facilities;

Checks on the establishments for production and wholesale of food of non-animal origin will be carried out by three inspectors and on the retail sale establishments - from two inspectors. Experts of the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency will monitor the compliance of the food establishments according to building facilities and equipment, technical documentation, good manufacturing and hygiene practices, compliance with the requirements of the Regulation on food labeling and presentation.

With the inspections the minimum frequency of ongoing inspections at the food establishments will be determined according to the Guidelines for categorization  of food establishments.

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