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“There will be enough financial resources for small-sized farms so that they are more competitive,”announced Minister of Agriculture and Food Dimitar Grekov in an interview with the Bulgarian National Television. “Only 6% of agricultural producers receive 80% of direct subsidies, which is one of the reasons why a decision was taken for small-sized farms to receive direct payments of EUR 500 to EUR 1,250 per year. The scheme will be implemented in 2015, ”explained Minister Grekov.


Funding for small-sized farms will be secured also through the new Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 which has a special subprogramme devoted to them. Small-sized farms which fall into the subprogramme’s scope in Bulgaria are some 85,000 in number or nearly some 23% [of all farms] and their number in the 2007-2010 period decreased by almost 40%.“We want people who have stayed in villages to be able to earn their bread and make a living there,“ Minister Grekov highlighted.


He also remarked he had ordered the State Fund Agriculture work on some 1,200 projects estimated at EUR 228 million be completed until the end of March. According to Minister Grekov, Bulgaria does not risk losing these resources at the moment.

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