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"With the joint efforts of all 12 countries participating in the project, "Bread of Peace” could become a platform for dialogue on issues related to rural development, food security and sustainable development,” said Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Ms. Marina Brakalova during the first conference of the "Bread of Peace" project, held in Berlin. She stressed that the basis for sustainable agriculture is not only in the production increase, but also in the more efficient use of resources.


The" Bread of Peace "could also be developed as a platform for good practices and experiences sharing related to sustainable production and distribution of cereals," added further Brakalova. In her words, cereals, fruits and vegetables are among the products that are wasted most.

The "Bread of Peace" is part of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. It includes Bulgaria, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Croatia. In 2013, the seeds of rye were sent to the partner countries to be sown in places historically associated with times of change. The seeds were sent out by the Humboldt University from a rye field around the Chapel of Reconciliation situated just in direct neighbourhood to the Berlin Wall. Bread of Peace was baked in Berlin with the complete rye yield of all participating countries


The next partner hosting the project will be Poland in the autumn of 2015.

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