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Minister of Agriculture and Food Desislava Taneva and CEO of METRO Bulgaria Atila Yenisey presented a program that will facilitate the access of Bulgarian farmers to the market. Minister Taneva said the program is a continuation of the “Support Bulgarian “initiative, during which farmers in the country have raised questions about the attitude of retailers to farmers.” We have immediately started negotiations with the retail chains, as the main aim was to facilitate the access of Bulgarian farmers to the market. "METRO" was the first chain, with which we achieved a result of a mutual interest, "said Desislava Taneva and added that talks with other chains continue.


She explained that by the initiative Bulgarian producers of fruit and vegetables will be able to directly negotiate and offer their products in the nine regional centers of the chain in the country. Taneva reported that the chain immediately starts meetings with farmers. She was clear that policies to support and implementation of this program will allow the sustainable growth to be preserved and ensure a better place to Bulgarian farmer in agro-food chain.


Desislava Taneva recalled the record highs that the branch gained over the past two years. "For 2015 we registered an increase of 20% for fruits and of 18% for vegetables," she added. In his turn, CEO of METRO Bulgaria Atila Yenisey presented and explained the goals of campaign. "We will focus on authentic Bulgarian products and seeds and give them a new life. We plan to start training our employees, as this will empower the restaurant business to offer these products," explained Yenisey. He noted that with the help of the minister Taneva the retail chain has already got a database of local producers and their associations. "We will provide equal opportunities for all manufacturers. It depends on them whether they decide to apply standards and be committed to produce in this high-quality way, "said Atila Yenisey. The company is preparing a range of 128 Bulgarian fruits and vegetables that will be directly purchased from local producers. METRO Bulgaria will provide transportation logistics and packaging of farmers. "Bulgaria is endowed with incredible nature. That’s why we rely on the authentic local varieties rather than hybrid seed to preserve the fertile Bulgarian soil," said further Atila Yenisey.


According to him, this program will enable manufacturers have permanent sustainable business and those who are the most successful to have the opportunity to present their products on the international markets. The initiative will be launched in May 2017. The retailer chain has already signed a contract with the Maritsa Vegetable Crops Research Institute for production of Bulgarian seeds.

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