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A subsidy of BGN 3 854 161 has been lined up for 16 state forest and hunting holdings and municipalities for initial afforestation with deciduous trees.


The financing will be provided under measure 223 Initial Afforestation of Non-Agricultural Lands of the Rural Development Programme. The projects were approved on Friday at a session of the Transparency Expert Committee. New forests will be planted in the municipalities of Lyubimets, Aksakovo, Varshets, Mineralni Bani, Radomir, to name but a few.


A further two projects will be backed with a combined BGN 968 594 under Measure 321 Main Services for the Population and the Economy of Rural Areas. Cultural community centre Saznanie 1907 has allocated the financing for social integration of people with limited opportunities in Slivnitsa municipality through the provision of access to a range of cultural services. Cultural community centre Far-1937 in the village of Svoboda will develop a mobile centre equipped with a library and computers.

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