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“The main goal of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food in the cattle breeding sector is to increase cattle on the smaller farms, which will make them more market-oriented.” This statement was made by deputy-minister Yavor Gechev at the international livestock breeding show in Clermont-Ferrand, France.

Deputy-minister Gechev discussed possibilities for cooperation in cattle breeding with Mr. Philippe Amé – director of the international relations department with the French Breeding Institute. Mr. Gechev disclosed that Bulgaria had excellent opportunities for development thanks to the many pastures in the country, which, however, were not adequately used. In addition, we have rich traditions in cattle breeding.

“Financing is a major problem in the development of the sector and in this respect, an earnest partner such as France, can help us a lot”, communicated the deputy-minister. Mr. Amé assured that the French Breeding Institute was ready to assist Bulgaria with advice and cooperation in joint projects. A proof for the serious intention of the French country is the official visit in Bulgaria scheduled in early 2014.

Deputy-minister Gechev informed the French representatives that Bulgaria had excellently developed and well-preserved gene pool, thanks to the good research work in our country. He shared also a problem in this respect, i.e. the difficulty for the achievements of the research work to reach the farmers. This is one more area, in which the French experience can prove useful for our state. \

The Bulgaria delegation headed by deputy-minister Gechev was greeted personally by François Hollande – President of the French Republic.


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