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Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Burhan Abazov discussed two of the elements of direct payments in the new programming period with more than 50 representatives of the Working Group on the 2015-2020 Common Agricultural Policy Implementation - the "greening" payment as well as payments for Areas with Natural Constraints.


"With today's meeting we give a start to a series of such gatherings where to discuss the new CAP elements. Some of the issues are obligatory for all the states and will not be discussed. However, there are a number of issues that enable each country to choose how to implement direct payments in the new programming period depending on its national specifics and peculiarities, "said Deputy Minister Abazov. He explained that "greening" payments and payments for areas with natural constraints are two of the seven issues on which our country must present a national decision. Participants in the working group will have the opportunity to make their views and comments on the remaining issues at some of the following future meetings.


Deputy Minister Abazov was clear that the Ministry will publish all the topics and materials for the upcoming meetings on its website a week earlier in order to maximally facilitate the participants in the dialogue.


Deputy Minister Abazov urged participants in the working group to choose such national parameters for the implementation of direct payments that will be the most useful and applicable to all sectors that will fulfill their commitments. He explained that on August 1, 2014 Bulgaria must inform the European Commission about the national decisions taken.


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