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A total of 57 projects worth BGN 3 081 636 were approved under Measure 121 Modernization of Agricultural Holdings of the Rural Development Programme.


Almost half of the projects concern the purchase of equipment for the production of wheat, corn, sunflower, barley, rapeseed and other crops. The bulk of the applications are for the purchase of tractors, ploughs and different types of sprayers and mowers. Eighteen beneficiaries plan to upgrade the production of fruits and vegetables such as cherries, pears, plums, peaches, tomatoes, cucumbers and figs.


Two applicants will be subsidized to grow lavender, with an amount of BGN 42, 775, whereas hips will be grown under another project. Further financing will be extended for organic production of sage, thyme, walnuts, hazelnuts and alfalfa.


In stockbreeding, a tractor and goat’s milk production and goat keeping equipment will be purchased under the first project, whereas machines and equipment will be bought under the second one for preventing the pollution of water swith nitrates from agricultural sources.


Two beneficiaries plan to purchase beekeeping equipment, backed by a subsidy of BGN 9 076, with one of the applicants carrying out a project under Measure 141 and the other being a young farmer.

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