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Committee for the Common Organisation of Agricultural Markets with the European Commission and an Expert group on horizontal issues decided yesterday September 2, to propose the EU to issue four Regulations in support of the dairy products market. The decision is almost unanimously backed by the members of the Committee and the Expert Group.


The first two draft legislations are for implementing regulations on private storage for butter and private storage for non-fat powdered milk. The terms and conditions for receiving support are the same as those applied previously under Regulation 826/2008, including the quality of these products and the amount of stored batches. The amount of support is EU 18.93 per ton concerning fixed costs for private storage of butter and EU 0.28 per ton per day for contractual storage. The other two draft legislations are for delegated regulations of the Commission. The first one extends the deadline of eh public intervention for butter and non-fat dry milk until December 31, 2014. The second one is a delegated regulation that provides temporary private storage of certain types of cheese.


Bulgarian manufacturers of white brined cheeses will be able to benefit from the aid for private storage under the last regulation. The requirements for cheeses and yellow cheese refer to minimum age corresponding to the period of maturation that contributes to increasing the value of the cheese; each lot has to weigh at least 1 ton and to be indelibly marked with an indication, which may be encoded, of the undertaking in which it was manufactured and with the date of manufacture.


Applicants for support will have to lodge their applications by the end of the year at the State Fund Agriculture Paying Agency More details will be found on the website of the State Fund Agriculture.


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