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 “We do not have any data about presence of hormones in the chicken meat produced in Bulgaria. This showed the results of the organized inspections. Bulgarian customers should not  be worried”, commented in an interview with TV7 Minister of Agriculture and Food,  Prof. Dimitar Grekov.


“The organised inspections cover the entire production cycle – from the fodder warehouses to the supermarkets. Most of the raw materials used in fodder warehouses are Bulgarian. The chicken meat production and export are controlled very correctly and thus it is impossible to allow the presence of such hormones in the meat,”the minister added.


Minister Grekov commented further that this week there would be checks on the presence of hormones in the imported products and at the importer companies. He also explained that concerns about the rapid growth of chickens due to hormones should not be raised. According to him , our veterinarians and specialists are well informed about all the new products of the pharmaceutical industry and there is no way illicit stimulants  to be used in the production of Bulgarian chickens.


In response to a journalist's question , the Minister said that  a change wil be made to affect the use of agricultural land in the country. " On Friday we made a change to a standard that is very important for farmers. An Interagency Commission proposed the rendering of pastures to be made with priority given to Bulgarian animal breeders. " According to Minister Grekov thus will help the livestock  breeding sector in the country , and the agricultural lands will be maintained in good environmental condition.


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