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North of BGN 730,000 was distributed in support of three projects under the operational programme for the Bulgarian fisheries sector.

A rainbow trout farm in Beden village, Devin municipality, received advance payment of BGN 682,000. The money will be used to almost double the yield, increasing the trout to 300 g per year. The total subsidy adds up to BGN 1 363 932. The investment project is slated for completion in September 2013.

In a second project, a fishing vessel owner picked up an over BGN 33,000 grant to scrap the vessel before it is sold to a licensed ferrous and non-ferrous metal waste trading company.

Meanwhile, State Fund Agriculture made an initial BGN 17,014 payment regarding the implementation of the Shabla-Kavarna-Balchik Fisheries Local Action Group. The funding is earmarked for the purchase of extra equipment for a diving centre for underwater ecotourism, a training room and guest rooms in the village of Tyulenovo, Shabla municipality.

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