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EU member states support the steps made by the European Commission to overcome the difficulties in the agriculture sector as a result of the Russian embargo..However, additional measures need to be taken in support of the agricultural producers.

This is the idea around which the EU ministers of agriculture united around at the extraordinary sitting of the EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council held on September 5, 2014 in Brussels.


In his statement Minister of Groudev insisted the implemented measures to be applicable in all the EU member states, which should guarantee equal treatment of all the agricultural producers across the EU.
The financial resources allocated by the European Commission at this stage would not be sufficient to ensure the efficient tackling of the market situation, commented further minister.

The budget concerning the implementation of the measures as regards the fruit and vegetables, excluding apples and pears, has to be increased.


“The measures in the milk and dairy products sector are not applicable in our country therefore it is necessary direct support to be ensured for milk producers to compensate for the losses caused by the crisis,“  said minister Groudev.
European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Dacian Cioloș explained that at this stage the European Commission’s efforts were directed to the most affected sectors – fruit and vegetables and milk and dairy products.

The European Commission will continue to monitor closely the situation at the market and it is ready to use all the instruments envisaged in the CAP to lend support.


At the same time work will be done to the aim of finding new markets and for this purpose the European Commission is granting additional EUR 60 million for the realization of promotional programmes for agricultural products.

It is important the implemented measures to be efficient and result-oriented to guarantee a real effect for the agricultural producers in the EU.


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