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“We will make the education-science-business link effective, because it is important to have specialists graduating from the agricultural schools well prepared for practical activity”. This statement was made by agriculture and food minister Prof. Dimitar Grekov during the festive celebration of 115 years from the establishment of the Vocational School of Agriculture “Queen Johanna” in Pazardzhik. Minister Grekov emphasized that education needed to follow an up-to-date programme and to be carried out in permanent relation to higher education and the businesses, so that the pupils could have good training and successful fulfillment.
“Modern agriculture is impossible without experienced and knowledgeable pupils and teachers in the agricultural schools. That is why we will search for further opportunities to finance agricultural education with EURpean funds”, added minister Grekov.
He recalled that the country had 76 secondary schools for the training of agricultural specialists, of which 55 were secondary vocational schools in agriculture and mechanization, and the remaining were schools in veterinary medicine, food technologies, forestry and wood processing.
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