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Analysis of the Ministry of Agriculture shows that over the past few  years 40% of small farms in the country have went bankrupt.


“The JSC is brought to critical condition. Since 2011 no money has been received in the company and it is a heavy financial collapse. That's why we initiated amendments to the Bulgarian Waters Law, which a few days ago passed second reading at the National Assembly. Currently, we expect the signature of the President and its promulgation in the State Gazette. I have the assurance of the Minister of Finance that soon after that, it will be possible to pay the company’s obligations to the NRA, banks, and of course the salaries. Employees are our greatest asset, "said Minister of Agriculture and Food Prof. Dimitar Grekov live on BNR.


In response to a journalist's question about the new scheme of redistributive payments introduced by the MAF, Minister Grekov was clear that this is the only way to save the Bulgarian agriculture. “40% of small farms went bankrupt over the past few years, while around 5,000 agricultural producers receive most of the EU agriculture funds. This is why a change of the rules for subsidizing farmers in the next programme period is necessary "explained Professor Grekov .


“23% of the producers receive a subsidy of up to BGN 1000, which is insufficient to start a small farm. This measure will not make them rich, but will allow them to begin to grow certain crops”, Minister Grekov added. According to him, Bulgaria was in a period that required restructuring of small farms so they could become medium farms. This was in line with European standards, and the money would be received in 2015, when farmers would be able to feel the real effect. “We try to balance this policy. All farmers are valuable for us”, the Minister of Agriculture added.


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