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The document was signed by Minister Groudev and his counterpart Minister of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China Khan Chanfu in Bucharest

Minister of Agriculture and Food Vassil Groudev and Minister of Agriculture of the People's Republic Khan Chanfu signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Bulgaria and the Ministry of Agriculture of the People's Republic China on the establishment of a centre in Bulgaria on cooperation in the area of agriculture between China and the countries of Southeastern Europe. It was the first meeting at ministerial level between the two agricultural ministers of Bulgaria and China over the past 10 years.
”This Association is part of the initiative of the 16 countries from Central and Eastern Europe for cooperation with China. It is exceptionally good news. Last month I managed to negotiate the agreement on the building of such a centre in Sofia with our partners from Central and Eastern Europe. Today we officially signed the agreement on building it at the building of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. This is great success and an opportunity for development of the Bulgarian agricultural business,” Minister Groudev commented. According to him, this is the first step towards institutionalizing cooperation between the form 16 + 1 in the field of agriculture and food.
Chinese Agriculture Minister Khan Chanfu noted that the Association is one of the most important elements of cooperation between the countries. He added further that Chinese companies show interest in agricultural investment in Bulgaria, but also in the machinery sector in the sphere. "The friendship and cooperation between Bulgaria and China are historically grounded, on which our Government attaches the utmost importance," said Minister Groudev.
Association will be situated in the MAF, which shows strong commitment of our country to further develop cooperation in the form 16 + 1 in the field of agriculture. It will be a platform to promote and facilitate business contacts between the companies in those 17 countries.
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