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“Afforestation is one of the main priorities of the forestry sector”, said Deputy Minister Dr. Eng. Valentina Marinova during the trees planting on the territory of the State Hunting Enterprise “Vitoshko -Studena."


Deputy Minister Marinova pointed out that state policy conducted by the Ministry is also facilitated by the newly made changes to the Forestry Law. The period provided for the reforestation of burnt areas and clearings is reduced from 7 to 3 years with their implementation. "With these amendments the protection of the public interest on the sensitive issue of Bulgarian forests recovery is guaranteed to a greater extent. Thus possibilities for faster recovery of plantations and opening of new jobs are created “she said further.


Dr. Eng. Valentina Marinova was clear that the current market situation imposes the timber prices to be reviewed after analysis as a number of meetings with all trade and professional organizations as well as representatives of the larger timber and woodworking enterprises to be carried out. "We are working to get higher value-added wood from harvesting. For us it is not profitable to sell only raw material. Our goal is to establish new companies, create new jobs and sell finished wood products such as furniture, “she added.


In her opinion, certification of Bulgarian forests will play a positive role in terms of increasing demand for certified products in the EU member states.


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