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Proposals for changes to the Ordinance № 3 concerning  the terms and conditions for the implementation of direct payment schemes that do not require further notification will be discussed and possibly adopted in coordination with other organizations. This stated Minister of Agriculture and Food Prof. Dr. Hristo Bozukov during a meeting with animal breeders in the Ministry of Agriculture and Food .He agreed with the protesters that there could not be any differentiation between manufacturers. "Let's make a real step and achieve realistic demands. By the end of February the Ordinance should be promulgated and published in order the start of the direct payments campaign not to be delayed, "said Minister of Agriculture and Food. In his words, there are real grounds for today's protest.

Prof. Hristo Bozukov urged the branch to make a constructive dialogue. "We will consider all reasonable requests in which the whole sector has unanimous opinion. Even if a person has objections they should be heard, not to create artificial tension in the sector ", the minister was clear.

Suggestions and requests from animal breeders will be discussed at a meeting with representatives of other interested sheep breeding organizations as well as experts from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.
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