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This is the first contract for the reconstruction of a fishing port. The project cost stands at BGN 12 million, where almost BGN 10 million is subsidized under Operational Program Fisheries Sector Development, with the balance of BGN 2 million contributed by Bourgas Municipality.


The Executive Agency for Fishery and Aquacultures (IARA) has signed a contract with Bourgas Municipality for the reconstruction and modernization of Sarafovo fishing port under Operational Program Fisheries Sector Development. The contract was officially sealed by IARA executive director Dr. Dragomir Gospodinov and Bourgas Municipality mayor Dimitar Nikolov.

This is the first project approved under measure 3.3 Investments for Reconstruction and Modernization of Fishing Ports, Landing Sites and Shelters of OP Fisheries.

The project is aimed at upgrading the facility in order to adequately meet the needs for safe mooring, stay and servicing of fishing vessels and to ensure efficient, safe and hygienic equipment for unloading and temporary storage of catch as well as to improve work conditions.

The grant provided for the project amounts to BGN 9 775 765,54 , accounting for 100% of the approved investment cost.

The development of a state-of-the-art fishing port in Bourgas municipality will greatly contribute to stricter control and curb unauthorized fishing operations.

A fish market will be constructed at Sarafovo port to enable fishermen to directly offer their catch to consumers. At the same time, end users will have the opportunity to purchase fresh fish without middlemen, thus regulating the local fish market.

As the port operator, Bourgas Municipality will exercise control over the operations of the fish market to ensure transparency and balance in the trade process. Once the upgrade has been completed, the facility will provide electricity, water and Internet access to all berths, thus facilitating the mounting and use of contemporary vessel equipment. The port will offer the necessary conditions to store the catch onboard the vessels.  

The project is slated to be completed within the space of 18 months.

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