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“Ministry of Agriculture and Food will work out a new Food Products Act”, stated Minister Taneva at a discussion dedicated to the protection of the Bulgarian production themed Taste Bulgaria. She added that a Consultative Council on Food will be established the major propose of which will be to unite expert opinions on the working out of an entirely new Food Products Act. Representatives of the ministry of economy, the ministry of finance and the ministry of health will be invited to join the council.


"We have a vision and talks with branch organizations about the drawing up of the new Food Products Act. The relevant regulations for its implementation will be brand new, so as to ensure security of the food market and to create conditions for Bulgarian producers to be competitive and have equal rights on the market in terms of taxation and labeling "was clear Taneva .


Since the start of our mandate there were changes aiming to protect the Bulgarian producers. The least the state can do is to secure equal rights for everyone at the market,” Minister Desislava Taneva announced.


We expect increase of the productions that are traditional for Bulgaria – vegetables production and permanent crops.The recovery of the productions we lost in the privatisation cannot be a short-term process. It is important for the policies we conduct to be maintained no matter what the political configuration and mandate is,” the minister commented further.

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