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As a result of negotiations conducted between the United States and the European Union, within the limits of the World Trade Organization, an agreement was reached that Bulgaria and Romania will become part of the import quota of European cheese in the USA. This quota allows the imports of cheese under the code 0406 of the Combined Nomenclature (CN) of the USA at a reduced import duty.

For those who wish to export cheese within the quota to the United States need an export license. Candidates provide evidence that products from the specified quota for the United States have been exported for at least one of the three preceding calendar years and that their designated importer is a subsidiary of the applicant. Applications for export licenses shall be accompanied by a statement from the designated importer certifying the above is eligible under the rules in the United States for the issuing of import licenses for products within the CN code 0406.

Applications for licenses need to be submitted to the headquarters of the State Fund "Agriculture", Sofia. Applicants must be natural or legal persons and registered in the "Commercial Mechanisms" sector of the Fund “Agriculture” before their first application for an export license. Model application and the required documents for registration can be downloaded from the website of the fund - the section "Agricultural market mechanisms" from the menu "Commercial Mechanisms". Applications for licenses need to be submitted from September 1st to 10th of the year preceding the quota year. Licences will be issued until December 15th  and will be valid from January 1st to December 31st of the quota year.

Detailed instructions for implementing the scheme "Export of U.S. cheese quota" and a detailed list of products of the CN code 0406 have can be found on, in the "News"section.

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