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State Fund Agriculture yesterday ordered that BGN 37 million be transferred to the bank accounts of Bulgarian stockbreeders in the sectors cattle, sheep and buffalo breeding, minister of agriculture and food Dr. Miroslav Naydenov said at a meeting with industry representatives.


The announcement comes after breeders recently received almost BGN 4.5 million under the national suckler cow copayments scheme.


Up till now, a total of BGN 127 million has been poured into the sector, with an additional BGN 27 million slated to be paid out at the beginning of January, taking the total 2012 sector aid to BGN 154 million, Naydenov noted.


The minister pointed out that by December 14, 2009, stockbreeders were paid zero levs. On that day, they pocketed the first BGN 60 million allocation, and the amount has been substantially increased since then.


A further BGN 140 million will reach stockbreeders next week for agri-environment, disadvantaged areas and Natura, said State Fund Agriculture executive director Rumen Porozhanov.

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