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Three proposals under Measure 1.3 Investments On Board of Fishing Vessels and Selectivity of Operational Program Fisheries Sector Development shared BGN 27 302 in subsidies. The financing covers up to 40% of the approved investment cost, and includes 75% European money and 25% national co-payments. The projects involve repair of fishing vessels as well as the purchase of equipment, radio navigation devices and fire fighting systems.


An extra BGN 1 545 209 million was provided to four projects under Measure 2.1 Production Investments in Aquaculture. A company will obtain BGN 165 541 to scrap a ship under Measure 1.1 Public Aid for Termination of Fishing Activities. The aid extended under the measure covers up to 100% of the premiums, in which 85% is European financing and 15% national copayment.


All three measures are financed by the European Fisheries Fund.

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