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The National Assembly adopted the amendments to the Law on Fisheries and Aquaculture. The amendments to the Fisheries and Aquaculture (FAA) seek a clearer regulation on social/public relations in the sector of fisheries, the avoidance of unfair competition in the market of fish and fish products and the improvement of the conditions of control on agricultural activity and business.

Major changes in the Act are:

The prohibition of carrying out commercial fishing in inland waters so that natural fish resources in the Danube and Black Sea and those produced in an artificial way can be distinguished.

The exclusion of the possibility for commercial fishing, farming and rearing of fish and other aquatic organisms, activities as a registered buyer, as well as other FAA activities to be carried out by individuals. The above can be accomplished only by legal persons and sole traders. This is done in order to differentiate the market operator and to fiscally monitor fisheries’ products/produce.
The incorporation of opportunities for the registration of a special permit for utilisation of resources of quoted species. This change is driven by the need to identify the vessels, which have aquired the rights to absorb the quoted species. Also incorporated are the terms and conditions that the vessel should meet in order to obtain a special permit to catch quoted fish.
The extension of the range of situations where the termination of the permit for commercial fishing will be possible and as well as the expulsion of the fishing vessel from the register of the country, thus creating a prerequisite for the more effective implementation of the European legislation.

 The update of the contents of the commercial fishing permit and of the certificate for the utilisation of fish resources and other aquatic organisms.

The introduction of a point-based system for violations, based on which if a violation occurs the holder of the authorisation for commercial fishing gets a certain number of points corresponding to the adequate the fishing vessel. Upon reaching the maximum number of penalty points the commercial fishing permit for the corresponding vessel may be stopped.
The raise of the requirements for the issuing of a permit to fish for research purposes – this will be done by specifying the required information needed when applying for the permit. With the new texts grounds are introduced, on which the Executive Director of NAFA, respectively the Minister of Agriculture and Food may refuse to issue a fishing permit for research purposes when the application is not sufficiently grounded in law.

The prohibition to use "triple hooks" which are a frankly poacher device (except fishing with artificial bait or prey fish with live bait). This is done in order to protect fishery resources in the section "Recreational fishing".

The raise of fines with on average twice their previous value in order to achieve a greater efficiency in the implementation of controls, financial penalties and fines for violations of the FAA.

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