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The Ministry of Agriculture and Food will present the Rural Development Programme at two traditional festivals at the end of the week.


The programme’s mobile information centre will arrive in Rakovski on Friday, February 8, for the 13th Kukove International Kuker Festival. Dozens of groups will take part in the competition where traditions are presented connected to masquerade games. Everyone takes part in the kuker pass, which lasts all day long and is accompanied by a music show.


On the next day, February 9, the Programme will be presented at the traditional Saint Trifon Zarezan festival in Manastirska Polyana area near Sopot. Several competitions will be held at the festival, including best homemade wine, most original toast and wittiest love message.


During both festivals, the experts of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food will present to the visitors the application opportunities, the admissible investments and the financing available under the Rural Development Programme.


Kukers are costumed men performing dances to scare away evil spirits.

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