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Minister of Agriculture and Food Dr. Miroslav Naydenov said he would file a lawsuit against BSP leader Sergey Stanishev for calling him a ‘famous liar’.


The announcement was made at a press conference on the check into the papers for the sale of the controversial forest land in Nessebar. The lawsuit will be filed for defamation and offence.


In 2009, under the government of the tripartite coalition including BSP when Stanishev was prime minister, the companies Kirovi Invest and Kava Consult paid BGN 1.1 million for a 140-decare land plot at the mouth of Kamchia river. The deal was approved by Executive Forest Agency executive director Stefan Yurukov, Naydenov said. Toward the end of the former government’s term, the plot was resold to Expat Beta REIT for BGN 4.55 million. Monika Yosifova, owner of advertising agency Active Group and Stanishev’s current partner, was until mid-2009 in the REIT’s management.


Naydenov noted that today’s value of these plots exceeds EUR 5 million. ‘I’m not saying that Ms Yosifova has purchased that land but that she was part of the company Expat Beta, which purchased the land,’ he added. The minister said he would file a lawsuit against Sergey Stanishev, who called him a ‘famous liar’ after he revealed this information on TV. He can support his statement with documents from the Trade Registry. According to the minister, many land plots have been excluded from the forest fund by a decision of the Council of Ministers when Sergey Stanishev was prime minister.


‘These decisions were made by the Council of Ministers and Mr. Stanishev as prime minister. Let him explain how these decisions were made,’ the minister said.

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