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"AGRA" International Exhibition is one of the most significant and major events in Europe and as a proof of this is  the fact that this year 69 new agricultural products will be presented”, announced Minister of Agriculture , Prof. Dimitar Grekov


Representatives of the world leaders in the production of modern machinery and high technology in agriculture take part with their own stands in this year’s edition of" AGRA“, as well as producers of quality agricultural products. There are established and familiar trade names among the exhibitors, but also yet unknown to the general public producers who make their way to the market with new ideas, visions and products , " said Minister Grekov . He added that such events enable  many Bulgarian business representatives to compare their achievements with those of their foreign partners to showcase their best products and to exchange ideas, experiences , visions as well to make new,useful business contacts .


Minister of Agriculture stressed to the great importance of technology for the development of agriculture. Modernization of the sector leads to much higher environmental standards and a significant increase in yields.


Today " AGRA” is a modern center for agribusiness- oriented  and  much larger investment thinking. It helps to enforce the practice of alternative perspectives and activities in traditional areas such as livestock breeding  and plant growing , as well as in the field of food safety technologies and products , "said Minister Dimitar Grekov


The 25th edition of the International Agricultural Exhibition " AGRA " gathered over 470 exhibitors from 22 countries.


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