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It is important for Bulgaria to have access to the experience of the advanced European countries in the field of agriculture and consequently, next year we will organize a Bulgarian-German seminar. This idea was discussed at a meeting between agriculture and food deputy-minister Yavor Gechev and Arendt Meyer zu Wehdel, President of the Chamber of Agriculture in Lower Saxony. The meeting was held in the context of the international exhibition Agritechnica in Hanover, Germany.
“A majour problem for agriculture in Bulgaria is the organization of the sector and the cooperation between the different farmers. In this respect, Germany has excellent practices and it will be very useful to learn first-hand about them”, shared deputy-minister Gechev. Mr. Arendt Meyer zu Wehdel commented that it took German farmers quite a long time to associate in bigger structures, but the results show it was the correct approach. He added that the Chamber of Agriculture in Lower Saxony often exchanged experience with other EU member states on different subjects in the agricultural sector and that it would be a pleasure for it to collaborate with Bulgaria.
It became clear from the meeting that Germany and Bulgaria had common problems with respect to the current state of agriculture and stock breeding. Most of the young people leave the rural regions in search of their fulfillment in the modern big cities. “The new Rural Development Programme is the majour instrument for attracting young people to agriculture. We will endeavour to improve the quality and the conditions of life in rural regions through the Programme, thus making them more attractive for the young”, stated deputy-minister Yavor Gechev.
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