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“The main policies we will pursue are policies of balanced development of Bulgarian agriculture, policies of development of market-oriented and competitive agricultural producers. We are aware of the situation in the sector and in line with the opportunities we stand we can say what measures we could propose for next year. Agriculture’s intensive sectors – stock-breeding, plant-growing and bio agriculture will be a priority in the policies,” stated Minister of Agriculture and Food Desislava Taneva at the presentation of her political team. "
“The start of the Rural Development Programme is a basic priority of our team – it has to take place in the shortest possible time. The programme was returned with over 400 remarks, after all the words of praise we listened to about this programme, I hope we will have an unofficially approved programme by the end of the year so that we could prepare and start as quickly as possible the Rural Development Programme. It enjoys great interest on the part of agricultural producers, which is normal as it is a main instrument of investments and improvement of the competitiveness of their farms. There are also other problems in this respect – the completion of the previous Rural Development Programme,” the minister said further.    


In terms of food safety priority will be shortening the chain from producer to consumer and direct access to the farmers market. "This will provide people the best quality food at the best price," said Minister Taneva


”The Ministry of Agriculture and Food has the readiness to begin to make the first payments in compensation for the animals killed by bluetongue disease on Monday. The state in the face of the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency is largely to blame for the degree of spreading of bluetongue disease. I hope the respective institutions will do their work in relation to the responsible individuals. People that do not do their job have no place in our team,” Taneva stated.


”We will rely on open dialogue with all the trade associations. We will not be profuse in promises, our greatest desire is to be profuse in engagements we have fulfilled,” Taneva commented further.


“We will not be profuse in promises, our greatest desire is to be profuse in engagements we have fulfilled,” said.

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