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 Ministry of Agriculture and Food is to officially launch a register of the farmers growing tobacco. As of April 1, tobacco producers can file applications for registration at the Agriculture municipal services in accordance with the location of agricultural areas.


In the applications the producers will declare the agricultural areas used for growing tobacco, the produced and sold in 2013 quantity of tobacco in terms of variety and categories as well as the agricultural areas where tobacco will be grown in 2014. Tobacco growers must submit the production and purchase contracts, protocols for the sale of tobacco, as well as inheritance certificate, notarial act, contract of lease for 2013-2014


To date, there is no official information on the number of tobacco producers in the country, the size of land under crop, the quantity of produced tobacco by variety and the companies purchasing it.


Registered tobacco growers will not be required to pay taxes, fees and insurance. The register will include all farmers in the tobacco sector and will be updated annually.


Farmers can receive detailed information in the regional offices of the SFA.


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