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There are no trends for any increase in the price of bread, minister of agriculture and food Dr. Miroslav Naydenov told the Grain Consultative Council held at the ministry yesterday.

Data of the Sofia Commodity Exchange also confirm that the European market has leveled off since the beginning of December after the US price collapse halted the upward trend on the European grain market.

The National Grain and Feed Service estimated Bulgaria has almost 5 million tones of grain, which will be enough to meet both domestic needs and exports. Of that, the wheat stock amounts to 2 million tonnes, of which 1 million tonne is estimated to be consumed by the next yield. There are also 216,000 tonnes of barley, 1.4 million tonnes of corn and 1 million tonne of sunflower.

Data on areas sown this autumn shows a 6.7% increase in wheat, or more than 11 million decares, whereas barley is up to 1.81 million decares. However, there has been a 28% drop in rapeseed areas, to 1.78 million decares.


The Consultative Council will propose to the minister that farmers be exempted from the requirement to account for charged fuel through a fiscal device and connect fuel tanks at the agricultural holdings with the National Revenue Agency. Minister Naydenov pledged to table the statement backed by an analysis of the Ministry at a Council of Ministers session.


‘We should not be assuming that the sector that drives our economy forward is doing something wrong. The vast majority of agricultural producers abide by the rules so we should make things easier for them, not the opposite,’ Naydenov said.

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