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Five directors of the Southwest forestry state enterprise were dismissed. These are Eng. Georgi Hristoskov director of the Sofia State Forestry Enterprise, Eng. Ivan Ivanov, director of SFE-Etropole, Eng. Atanas Dimankov director of the SFE of Dupnitsa, Eng. Borislav Kotuzov - Director of SFE - Simitli and Eng. Biser Dachev- Director of SFE - Osogovo. After checks conducted in the enterprises some violations and gaps in the protection of forest areas were found.


17 other officials, including the head of departments, forest wardens and guards were dismissed also because they failed to fulfill their commitments and duties. More than 300 forest officers received disciplinary sanction, including dismissal notice.


Checks in state forestry enterprises continue.

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