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Community Veterinary Emergency Team meets with the Minister of Agriculture and Food Desislava Taneva, the leadership of the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency and representatives of the poultry farming industry. The meeting took place at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, where the team got familiar with the epizootic situation in the country. The aim of the visit is the country to be assisted in combating the disease, through sharing experiences with other countries with reported outbreaks of bird flu.


Dr. Petya Petkova, deputy executive director of the Food Safety Agency presented the current situation and informed that at the time 63 outbreaks in 12 districts of the country have been identified. "The total number of animals affected is more than 430,000, and tomorrow it is expected all the birds in the outbreaks to be eradicated," she said.


In their turn, the representatives of the poultry farming industry explained that the state, represented by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency have taken timely and appropriate measures, both at central and regional levels. They added that it is very important to take preventive measures because the reappearance of the disease would be detrimental to the industry.


Representatives of the Community Veterinary Emergency Team indicated that the team is part of the European Commission, but their goal is not to verify the compliance with veterinary legislation but to get acquainted with the situation in the country and if necessary to assist with the experience of other countries.

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