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The Bulgarian Food Safety Agency will step up checks into online food trade, minister of agriculture and trade Dr. Miroslav Naydenov told the Safe Christmas discussion.

Naydenov noted that only registered outlets are allowed to offer food online, and online sale of homemade food is prohibited.

BFSA executive director Dr. Yordan Voynov said work is underway on legislative amendments that will regulate online food trade in response to the recent uptake in the sector.

According to the new proposals, online food retailers will be required to provide specific information on their website including company name, registered office address, address of the food retail outlet, number and date of the registration certificate, the types of food, prices and transport costs.

The retailer also has to be added to the list of online food retailers of the District Food Safety Directorate.

The vehicles performing the food deliveries have to match the food transport criteria and be registered with the District Food Safety Directorate.

In addition, the retailer has to meet all the quality and safety requirements for the delivered food.

A contract for remote selling will be signed between the retailer and the consumer under Article 48 of the Consumer Protection Act.

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