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“Retail stores have not been supplies with anthrax contaminated meat. It has been processed only for the personal needs of the people who slaughtered the animal and took it to the butcher’s shop. Precautionary measures have been taken against possible risk in the retail stores, which hadn’t been in touch with the infected meat” said Minister Dessislava Taneva who participated in the presentation of an electronic market for fruits and vegetables. She added that strengthened measures have been imposed over anthrax positive tested surfaces of the appliances in a slaughterhouse. Taneva explained that the risk spread of the disease is minimal - the kitchens of the 27 sites where the products were delivered were closed and disinfected.


Minister Taneva explained that all measures were taken immediately after the news about the disease emerged and the whole chain in the case would be inspected. The farmer slaughtered a sick animal. Private practitioner veterinarian has not been informed that there was a sick animal. The animal was slaughtered at night and then was given to other persons absolutely illegal, "she said.


Stationary outbreaks of anthrax in Bulgaria are 30.Herds in these villages must be vaccinated commented Minister Taneva, specifying that in the village of Mlada Gvardiya there was no outbreak.

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