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"We must find a mechanism for better protection of agricultural production," said Minister of Agriculture and Food Desislava Taneva speaking at a national debate on the security problems in the villages organized by the Association of Bulgarian villages. She added that the Ministry of Agriculture and Food will unconditionally cooperate in the search of a solution that will provide higher security in rural areas.

 “Security of the Bulgarian agricultural producers may be achieved only through joint efforts The ministry realises the problem around the preservation of the property and equipment of the agricultural producers. We will back the establishment of a group or a working format, which to look for a solution that will guarantee security for the crop but yet the ministry is not a specialised unit in security and protection. According to her, the issue is very important because big part of the producers are small and do not have the means to protect their crop, which earns their living.

“The opportunities of the ministry in terms of the property protection are envisaged in the context of the revision and preparation of a new land legislation, which is part of our government programme. However, without the needed rights, we cannot realise it efficiently.

The Rural Development Programme in terms of the opportunity to establish an integrated video surveillance should not be examined as a panacea that can solve the problem. It can only support it,” the minister explained.

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