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In connection with the ban introduced by Russia on the imports of some agricultural products from the EU, the European Commission has proposed temporary extraordinary measures to aid the fruit and vegetables producers. The measures aim at reducing the supply of fruit and vegetables at the EU common market through withdrawing production from the market or preventing production from being offered on the market to the aim of reliving the pressure on prices.


The agricultural producers could receive aid over fruit and vegetables withdrawn or not offered on the market that have been grown – they may be unpicked, good for consumption.


The budget of the aid for all the EU member states is estimated at EUR 125 million and at additional EUR 30 million for peaches and nectarines. The aid concerns tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, peppers, cauliflower, cucumbers, gherkins, mushrooms, apples, pears, raspberries, dessert grapes, plums and peaches and nectarines.


The municipal agricultural services will begin to accept the applications for participation in the scheme as of September 1.The applications will be filed so that the Ministry of Agriculture and Food is able to collect information and present it before the European Commission. The financial resources that will be allocated for Bulgaria will be determined on the basis of this information.


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