Municipal Directorate of Agriculture (MDA)- Sofia is a specialized area of territorial administration to the Minister of Agriculture and Food and it is legal entity on budget maintenance.
     The Directorate is composed of two administrative units:
-Administrative and legal, financial, business and human resources
-General Directorate of Agricultural Development.

    Directorate General of Agricultural Development is separated to 16 Municipal Agriculture Offices(MAO) - Municipal Agriculture Offices are located in the following municipalities: Bojurishte, Botevgrad, Godech, Gorna Malina, Dragoman, Elin Pelin, Etropole, Ihtiman, Koprivshtica, Kostenec, Kostinbrod, Pirdop, Pravec, Samokov, Svoge, Slivnic and 6 offices to Municipal Directorate of Agriculture(MDA)- office Dolna Banq to MAO -Kostenec and offices-Anton,Zlatica, Mirkovo, Chavdar and Chelopech to MAO- Pirdop.

    Employees in Regional Directorate of Agriculture(MDA) – Sofia region and Municipal Agriculture Office(MAO) - Sofia region perform the following activities: collection, processing and aggregation of operational information, registration of farmers recovers at ownership of farmland, forests and forest lands, maintenance and updating map of restored ownership, replacement of agricultural lands of the State Land Fund, with private agricultural land change use of agricultural lands, land to landless and indigent citizens under Ordinance to provide land to landless and poor citizens(OPLLPC), use and control over the management of agricultural lands from State Land Fund(SLF), renting and leasing, sale of agricultural lands from SLF owners of registered compensatory funds(RCF) , response to complaints from citizens advice on opportunities to use credit lines to the State Fund Agriculture(SFA)  and SAPARD, registration Schemes for single area payment(SSAP) in Identification system for agricultural parcels(ISAP).


Sofia 1000,
4, Vitosha bul.

tel.:(02) 980 2873
fax:(02) 988 3263