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May 25, 2011

Land Declaration procedure under the information system of the Municipal Agriculture Offices simplified

From May 25 users of farmland will be able to fill in an electronic form the data for their properties and submit it to the municipal agricultural offices on magnetic memory bearer. This became possible after the Ministry of Agriculture and Food adopted an addition of the information system FARM AGRICULTURAL LANDS USE, which operates at the Municipal Agriculture Offices.

Employees in agricultural offices will be able to accept data in the information system on the day of submission, in the presence of its sender and inform him of irregularities, in the case that they exist. This way, fast and accurate processing of raw data, required for voluntary agreements for agricultural land use will be achieved, said Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Svetlana Boyanova.

The form of electronically submitted data corresponds to the declarations made under Art. 69 and Art. 70 of the Rules on the Implementation of the Ownership and agricultural land use.

This addition to the information system FARM will relieve users of agricultural lands and significantly reduce the time required for data processing as it provides an option to eliminate manual filling out of papers, added Boyanova.

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