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The Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture and Foods hosted on November 23 a meeting between members of the delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture of Iraq and local agriculture industry representatives.


The meeting was joined by the Bulgarian Greenhouse Growers' Association, the National Sheep Breeders’ Association, the National Buffalo Breeders’ Association, the National Livestock Breeders’ Union and the Bulgarian National Horticultural Union. Irrigation, agriculture machinery and greenhouse produce makers also took part in the event.


Iraq is interested in imports of livestock and meat products, mostly poultry and mutton, agricultural produce, fodder and fertilisers. The Iraqi officials also expressed interest in irrigation of cereal plants, greenhouse construction and operation, imports of fruits and vegetables and agricultural machinery.


Ibraheem Hameed Mehsun Al-Zubaydy, general inspector at the Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture, expressed hopes that Bulgaria and Iraq will restore their strong ties of 20 years ago. He also noted that demand for Bulgarian produce in Iraq is high as the country enjoys strong reputation in the Middle East.


Plamen Delev, expert at the Middle East and Africa Directorate of the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, urged Bulgarian companies to step up business correspondence with Iraq. He advised that they contact the Embassy of Iraq or the administration, and, if necessary, work with well checked intermediaries.

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